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It’s time to have a conversation about adult ADHD

From coexisting mood disorders to the impact on work, relationships, and social lives, ADHD in adulthood can be more complex than you think

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The symptoms of ADHD can be different for children and adults, and those differences can make day-to-day activities more difficult


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At work, at home, and in social settings, see how ADHD can shape your life, relationships, and overall quality of life


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Learn how mood and psychiatric disorders can complicate life with ADHD and how it’s treated


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ADHD treatment should fit your life, not complicate it

Sleep and appetite disruption, potential for abuse, headaches, and other symptoms can make it difficult to stay on track.

Consider the Impacts of ADHD Treatment

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There are more ways than ever to treat and manage ADHD

“Multimodal” therapy involves a combination of at least two treatments and is now considered to be the best approach for treating ADHD.

Explore Your Options

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